Followed by English translation

Q. お風呂やシャワーはありますか? 洗濯はできますか?


Q. 食事は出ますか?


Q. 携帯電話の電波は入りますか?


Q. 車の運転ができなくても、施設まで行けますか?


Q. 送迎はしてもらえますか?


Q. Wi-Fi設備など、仕事ができる環境ですか?


Q. 何時までにチェックインする必要がありますか?夜遅くなってもいいですか?


Q. 子ども同伴で滞在できますか?


Q. キャンセル料はいつからかかりますか。公共交通機関に運休や遅延が発生して宿泊できなくなった場合、宿泊料金はどうなりますか。

・ご予約日の1日前以降: 税込宿泊料金の100%
・ご予約日の10日前以降: 税込宿泊料金の50%

Q. 宅配で送った荷物を預けられますか。


Q. 旅館から家に荷物を送れますか?


Q. チェックイン前に荷物を預けられますか?


Q. 駐車場はありますか。


Q. 館内は禁煙ですか。


Q. レンタカーはありますか。


Q. ペットと一緒に泊まれますか。



Q. Are there baths and showers? Can I wash my clothes?

We have a shower with a solar water heater.(*The amount and temperature of the water varies depending on the weather.) Please use the nearby hot springs for bathing. There is no washing machine available.

Q. Do you serve meals?

In principle, this facility does not provide meals. There is a fully equipped kitchen, so you can use it to prepare your own meals or use a nearby restaurant.

Q. Can I receive mobile phone signals?

Signal is received.

Q. Can I go to the facility even if I can't drive?

The nearest station is "Bungo Taketa Station" on the Hohi Main Line. It takes about 10 minutes on foot from "Bungo Taketa Station".

Q. Can you pick me up?

There is no pick-up service.Please rent a car or take a cab.

Q. Is there an environment where you can work, such as Wi-Fi facilities?

Wi-Fi is available.

Q. What time should I check in? Is it okay if I stay late at night?

As a rule, we ask that you check in between 14:00 and 17:00.It is possible.

Q. Can I stay with my child?

It is possible.

Q. When does the cancellation fee start? What will happen to the accommodation fee if public transportation is suspended or delayed and I am unable to stay?

Cancellation of reservations will be subject to the following cancellation fees calculated from the date of your stay.
・After 1 day before the reservation date: 100% of the room charge including tax
・10 days before the reservation date: 50% of the room charge including tax

Q. Can I store my luggage sent by courier?

Not available.

Q. Can I send my luggage from the inn to my house?

Not available.

Q. Can I leave my luggage before check-in?

Not available.

Q.Is there a parking lot?

There is no dedicated parking space. Please use coin-operated parking nearby.

Q.Is smoking allowed inside the building?

No smoking.

Q. Do you have rental cars?

Car rental (fee required) is available near Bungo Taketa Station.

Q. Can I stay with my pet?

We ask that you refrain from doing so.