Escaping from the city,
Washed ashore
In the tranquility of the island.
1963年。俺はこの島で生まれた。小さな漁村で、爺ちゃんは船長だった。 昔は活気があったが今は人影も無くゆっくりとただ時が流れている。 静けさの中、時折遠い汽笛と潮騒だけが風で運ばれてくる。
2023年。生家の前に筏を作る事にした。子供の頃に作ったものより大きいやつだ。ついに俺が船長だ。しばらくはこの港に碇泊するつもり。もしも津波がきた日には ぷかぷか浮かんで大海原へ漕ぎ出せるようにと 固定せず、ただ置いてある。
2063年。島人は生きているか? 俺の筏はどこに行った??
20230708 ハソにて 団塚栄喜
In 1963. I was born on this island. In a small fishing village, my grandfather was a captain of his boat. This place used to be lively, but now I rarely see a sign of people, just time passing slowly. In the quietness, only occasional distant ship whistles and the sound of the tide are carried by the wind.
In 2023. I decided to build a raft in front of the house where I was born. It’s bigger than what I made as a child. Finally, I am the captain. I plan to anchor in this port for a while. If a tsunami comes, no worries. It will float and set sail into the open sea, as I leave it without anchoring.
In 2063. Are you all still alive, islanders? Where did my raft go?
At Haso, July 8th, 2023 - Eiki Danzuka


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